Academic Outreach

Faculty Focused Tutorial Videos

Posted on: June 6th, 2013 by Wan Latartara

Tutorial videos for instructors are available from Blackboard. Topics vary from building your course to using the Grade Center. We find the following videosuseful for beginners and intermediate Blackboard users. Visit Blackboard On Demand Learning Center for more videos.

Course Environment and Course Menu

Overview of the Course Environment
Add a Page to the Course Menu
Add a Tool Link (My Grades, Announcements, etc.) to the Course Menu
Course to Course Navigation

Customizing Your Course Appearance

Select a New Course Entry Page
Add a Course Banner

Content Items and Files

Create Content Using the Text Editor
Add a YouTube Video (Create a Mashup)
Manage Uploaded Files in “Course Files”
Attach a Previously Uploaded File to a Content Item

Email and Announcements

Create Announcements
Send Email from your Blackboard Course

Discussion Boards

Create a Discussion Board Forum
Grade a Discussion Board Forum
Search Discussion Board and Collect Posts
Change Discussion Board Forum Settings


Create a Test
Set Test Options
Build a Pool
Create and Add a Random Block to a Test
Upload Test Questions from Excel
Automatic Regrading
Give Negative Points for Incorrect Answers
Export and Import a Test from Another Course

Assignments (Drop Box) and SafeAssign

Download Submitted Assignments
Clean out Graded Assignment Files
Use SafeAssign


Create a Wiki
Add Rich Content and Link Wiki Pages
View a Wiki Page History
Grade a Wiki

Blogs and Journals

Create a Blog
Create and Edit a Blog Entry
Create a Journal
Create and Edit a Journal Entry


Turn on Statistic Tracking
Run a Course Report
View Student Activities and Logins in Performance Dashboard

Grading and Grade Center

 Hide/Show Grade Columns in the Grade Center View
View Grade Details, Edit, and Override Grades
Grade Anonymously
Grading Notes (Instructor’s “Note to Self”)
Grade Question by Question
Create a Grading Rubric
Grade Using Rubrics
View and Download Grade History

Download Grades and Work Offline