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Blackboard Webinars: Assessment, Grading, and Feedback

Posted on: June 17th, 2013 by Wan Latartara

Updated November 2015.

Members of the Blackboard user community share strategies and pedagogy for increasing teaching effectiveness and improving learning outcomes in a series of informative, hour-long webinars. These faculty training webinars arepart of the Blackboard Innovative Teaching Series and are taught by faculty and supported by Blackboard experts. Below are some interesting topics that have been presented:

Creating Tests, Pools and Surveys in Blackboard Learn

Presenter: Paige Brooks-Jeffiers, Kentucky Community and Technical College System
Blackboard has enhanced the search function when building tests. Join this session to explore creating, finding and using questions in the Blackboard testing, pools and surveys feature. We will also learn how to build random tests to help ensure integrity.

Authentic Assessment: How do you Know They Really Know?

Presenter: Dr. Karen F. Kellison, Lord Fairfax Community College
Authentic assessment focuses on students’ analytical skills; ability to integrate what they learn; creativity; ability to work collaboratively; and written and oral expression skills. This webinar examine a framework for thinking about authentic assessment and explore the use of technologies to support such assessments.

Strategies for Providing Effective Feedback to Students in Online Courses

Presenter: Caitlin Frano, Northwestern University School of Continuing Studies
This webinar is for faculty interested in learning more about: new techniques to provide feedback to students; missed opportunities to provide feedback; strategies to provide feedback that will be implemented by students; and what type of feedback students desire.

What You Need to Know About the Grade Center

Presenter: Dr. Julia VanderMolen, Davenport University
This webinar shows instructors the basics of recording and sharing grades and comments with students through the Grade Center. Participants will also learn some tips and tricks for managing grades.

For additional webinars, visit Blackboard Innovative Teaching Series YouTube Channel.