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Blackboard Webinars: Student Engagement and Collaboration

Posted on: June 17th, 2013 by Wan Latartara

Members of the Blackboard user community share top strategies and pedagogy for increasing teaching effectiveness and improving learning outcomes in a series of informative, hour-long webinars.These faculty training webinars are part of Blackboard Innovative Teaching Series (BITS) and are taught by faculty and supported by Blackboard experts. Below are some interesting topics that have been presented:

Best Practices for Communicating With Your Higher Ed Students

Presenter: Misty Cobb, Solutions Engineer for Bb Learn North American Higher Education
This webinar provides an overview of the preferred communication methods of higher-ed students and emphasizes how the effective use of Blackboard features are meeting student needs and increasing student retention. Methods discussed include face-to-face, LMS, email, text, notifications, and more.

Beginnings, Middles and Ends: Motivating and Engaging Your Online Students

Presenter: Dr. Paul Beaudoin, Fitchburg State University
Finding ways to motivate and engage the online learner is one of the biggest challenges facing online education. Using examples from Dr. Beaudoin’s award-winning classes, “Beginnings, Middles, and Ends” offers several practical strategies to motivate and engage your online students at any grade level, all semester, so that they stay in class and successfully reach the finish line.

The Ins and Outs of Writing Effective Discussion Questions

Presenter: Cheryl Cyrus, Blackboard Consulting
Discussions are an integral part of building community online, but how do you write questions that build engagement and don’t result in a series of “me too” responses. In this webinar, you’ll learn a few tricks for writing effective discussion questions and building authentic interaction online.

Using Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy to Maximize Student Engagement

Presenter: Marcie Newton, College of Saint Rose
Today’s learners have a wide variety of communication tools at their fingertips, including blogs, wikis, and discussion boards right within Blackboard. What are the similarities and differences between how students use these tools to engage in Higher Order Thinking as described in Bloom’s Taxonomy? How can we maximize student engagement using these valuable tools within My Blackboard? Newton answers these questions and offers effective teaching strategies based on Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy to encourage student engagement.

Are You Bored with Discussion Boards? Collaborative Strategies in Blended and Online Courses

Presenter: Anna Reese, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
While collaboration is encouraged in blended and online courses, many instructional designers and online instructors find the discussion board to be too artificial and shallow to be successful and engaging. In this session you will see specific examples of successful collaborative activities that go beyond the traditional discussion board question.

Strategies for Generating Collaboration Online for K12

Presenter: Deanna Mayers, Blended School Network
This session will provide attendees with step by step guides to use research based instructional strategies with discussion boards, journals, wikis, and blogs to create collaborative learning opportunities for their students. Specifically, the session will share research in the Responsibility Learning Model (by Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey) and research based instructional strategies (Robert Marzanno, David Jonnassen and others). The session will show attendees how to apply these strategies to wikis, blogs, journals, and discussion boards that deepen student understanding through opportunities to collaborate.

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