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Distance Education Testing Lab (DETL)

Schedule a testThe Distance Education Testing Lab offers a number of proctored exam services on the Oxford Campus. Currently DETL has one facility with 24 computers located in Kinard Hall on the Oxford campus to accommodate online students. A proctor will monitor the student(s) throughout the entire testing period. By offering proctored exams, we help ensure the authentication of students’ work. The student’s identity is verified by presenting a photo id to the authorized proctor.

Due to space and time constraints, we limit instructors to two proctored semester exams plus a final exam, often asking instructors to change the proposed date of their exams in order to accommodate the capacity of the testing lab. Furthermore, we have to offer several different testing times, often over a span of several days, to meet this demand.  Multiple testing times, however, give students an opportunity to share information and compromise the security of the exam. We encourage faculty to use multiple versions of their tests, to incorporate pools of questions, and to use subjective questions that make it more difficult for students to cheat. If you are concerned about test security, please talk to your instructional designer for additional suggestions.

Students must navigate through our web interface in order to schedule an exam. See how the test scheduling procedures work.

Proctoring services from our office include (1) providing a variety of appointment times for Ole Miss Online, iStudy, and UM High School students near the Oxford campus (2) providing an alternative testing method, ProctorU, for students who cannot test in Oxford or at a regional campus and (3) coordinating with the four regional UM campuses that provide proctored testing.

Getting on the DETL Schedule

In order for an instructor to utilize the testing facilities of DETL, ALL requested testing information for proctored exams must be submitted to DETL by the stated deadline. Submission of your request does not guarantee that DETL will be able to accommodate your schedule. Proctored Testing Guidelines for New Online Instructors.

Any instructor who fails to provide all requested information by the stated deadline will most likely not be eligible to use DETL’s proctoring services. In that situation, the instructor will be responsible for proctoring his/her own exams. The instructor will still be responsible for providing testing information to the regional campuses.

Testing Outside of Posted Testing Windows

If an instructor allows an online student to test outside of a posted testing window, it is the instructor’s responsibility to make arrangements for the test to be proctored.

Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities who plan to test in Oxford and who require testing accommodations should provide their instructor with a copy of the SDS form. It is the instructor’s responsibility to set the extended time, if required, for each student for every online quiz and online exam. DETL does not require a copy of the SDS accommodations.

DETL only proctors assessments for students with two types of accommodations—alternate testing environment and extended test time. Students who require additional testing accommodations should contact the Office of Student Disability Services for more information.


Because of the ever expanding number of students who are unable to test at a University of Mississippi campus, there is a need for an alternate testing method. As an alternative to testing in the DETL lab, students may use ProctorU as an online proctoring service. They provide a face-to-face secure proctoring environment via the web. Their proctors use webcams, microphones, and desktop monitoring which allows them to see exactly what the student sees. In order to utilize ProctorU, the instructor must provide online test passwords by the stated deadline. (Please note: Your test does not have to be complete or even posted in Blackboard – only a password is required at that time). Read more about ProctorU and how it works.

UM Regional Centers Proctors


Kim Gray
Phone: 662-720-7781


Twyla Loftiss
Phone: 662-280-2750


LaTonya Pittman
Phone: 662-915-7283


Sherry Miller
Phone: 662-690-6205