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eLearning Office Goes to Studio One

Posted on: September 28th, 2015 by parishwetabhatt

The UM Libraries recently unveiled Studio One, which houses, side-by-side, an easy to use Video Recording studio along with a Video Editing Suite. We at the Office of eLearning recently visited Studio One to check out the facility and experiment with the Recording Studio and Editing Suite.

Studio One Sign

Our Studio One Experience

Studio One is tucked away on the First Floor of the Library and must be reserved in advance. We made the quick walk from our Kinard offices to the Library on D-Day (or R-Day rather)! A helpful student-worker at the circulating desk handed us the keys to the Studio and quickly walked us through the equipment.

Studio One Setup

The Video Recording Studio is set up with recording equipment, lights, display screen (with the ability to green-screen it), and a podium area with chairs.

The Studio also has a projector connected to an iMac to allow the display of supporting documents (PowerPoint, images, videos etc.) while recording.

All we had to do was insert our flash-drive and press “The Button” to start recording and then press it again to stop recording.

Studio One Equipment including Camera, Projector and “The Button”“The Button” and Flash Drive Holder

Instructional Design & Training Specialists Patti O’Sullivan and Wan Latartara Getting Ready to RecordInstructional Design & Training Specialists Patti O’Sullivan
and Wan Latartara Getting Ready to Record

Our Studio One Video

We spent a total of 20 minutes planning out, scripting on-the-fly and recording in a single-take (pausing and switching narrators) to record the “eLearning Goes to Studio One” video which showcases the various features of Studio One while also demonstrating our own experience with Studio One.

We also checked out the Video Editing Suite which offers both Windows and Mac computers fully loaded with video editing software such as Camtasia Studio 8, Screenflow, iMovie, SnagIt etc. The complete list of hardware and software can be found at the Studio One web-page.

What’s in it for You?

The video above highlights some of the key features and uses of Studio One, but here’s a recap.

Instructors can use Studio One to record a lecture or presentation, demonstrate or explain tricky or difficult to understand concepts, record interviews with another expert, or record self or course introduction videos.

Students can also reserve and use Studio One to record video assignments, practice or record class presentations, have group discussions, present a research paper or article presentations etc. and/or simply practice their presentation skills.

Additionally, instructors and/or students can use the Editing Suite to record on-screen video tutorials. Camtasia or Screenflow are both perfect for the task and the Suite computers are equipped with webcams and microphones.

In Summary

We thoroughly enjoyed visiting Studio One and highly encourage all faculty, staff and students to “Check Out Studio One!” as we enthusiastically conclude in our own video.

Happy Recording!