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Course Design Review (CDR) for Online Courses

Ole Miss and Online Design & eLearning are committed to providing quality online teaching and learning opportunities.  As part of this mission, our goals include identifying and developing comprehensive distance education programs and empowering Ole Miss Colleagues to create quality online courses while continually enhancing current course offerings through faculty development that fosters personal and professional growth.  If there is to be improvement in online education and learning at the University of Mississippi, we must address the issue of quality in online courses.

The in-house developed Course Design Review (CDR) evaluates the design, not content, of online courses. Included in the scoring rubric is a section for reviewer feedback.  The plan requires that each course be reviewed by two peers (not from the subject area) and one instructional designer so feedback will be provided from different points of view.  The goal is for every online course to be reviewed every 3-4 years.

Once the reviews are complete, the instructor receives a final review report.  Instructors as asked to work with their instructional designer to develop a revision game-plan.  All revisions are instructor selected.

Not only are faculty encouraged to submit courses for review, but they are also encouraged to serve as faculty reviewers on a review team.

How to Sign Up

If you would like to submit your course for review, and/or volunteer as a reviewer, please complete this form.

For questions about CDR or to review the CDR rubric, please contact Mary Lea Moore at or 662-915-7089.