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Technology Integration Grant

Integrating technology into a course can deepen the student’s learning by supporting the instructional objectives.  The purpose of this grant is to encourage creative and constructive ways to integrate technology, and to encourage the exploration of innovative technology and its use in face to face, distance, online, blended or hybrid education in the classroom at the University of Mississippi.

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“Technology” references the advancement of methods and tools used to solve problems or achieve goals.  Technology in the classroom encompasses low-tech (i.e.: presentation software, etc.) to high-tech (i.e.: tablets, online collaborations or conferencing tools, lecture capture tools, interactive activities, etc.).  Technology allows faculty to try things in their classroom that were not possible before now.

Examples of Technology

  • Tablets
  • Lecture capture tools
  • Audio/Presentation tools
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives
  • Interactive digital activities
  • Video/audio/screen recording equipment or software
  • Collaboration tools
  • Digital writing tools


Full-time faculty members or instructors are eligible to apply for the grant.

Application Deadline

Applications will be accepted throughout the academic year with no deadline specified.

Applications for funding are reviewed by a committee selected by the Division of Outreach and Continuing Education. The selection process is very competitive. The committee may elect to fund an application partially.

Terms of Award

  • The award per applicant will not exceed $1,500.
  • Each applicant may receive only one award for technology per year.
  • Funding may be used only for a single technology. Faculty must evaluate the technology and present their findings in one of the following ways:
    • A short instructional video for the Online Design & eLearning Faculty Resource Blog
    • Article publication (scholarly journal preferred)
    • Present findings at a UM luncheon or professional conference

Declining / Return of an Award

Please inform the Division of Outreach and Continuing Education as soon as possible if you decide to decline or return the award so that other Technology Integration Grants may be funded.

Additional Benefits of an Award

  • Recognition on Faculty Resource Blog in “ODeL Tech Smart Teachers”
  • Technology Integration Certificate
  • Potential Faculty Travel Grant if presenting findings at a professional conference

Please direct any questions or concerns to Wan Latartara,, 662-915-1264.


Photo Credit: The future has started by zsoolt | CC BY-NC 2.0