Online Design & eLearning

Faculty Focused


Mary Lea Moore

Mary Lea Moore, Assistant Director

Coordinates Course Reviews, instructor certification, and departmental outreach, manages state authorizations, Federal and state accreditation, and online course and program excellence efforts. | (662) 915-7089


Wan Latartara

Wan Latartara, Instructional Design & Training Specialist

Provides instructional and technological support and training for all online faculty. | (662) 915-1264

Catherine Hultman

Catherine Hultman, Program Coordinator

Coordinates proctored testing schedules, manages student test scheduling, testing lab security and functionality, and oversees DETL graduate assistants. | (662) 915-7103

Alissa Evans

Alissa Evans, Accessibility Specialist

Helps faculty create more accessible content for their online and hybrid courses through integration of Universal Design for Learning and manages multimedia accommodation requests in academic courses and at university-wide academic events. | (662) 915-1335