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Make Your Blackboard Course Go Live

Posted on: June 18th, 2013 by Wan Latartara

Whether you are developing your online course for the first time or updating content from a previous semester, you will eventually need to make your course go live. The process involvescreating a course shell (by enabling Blackboard for you course on myOleMiss) and transferring content from your developed sandbox or a previous semester course.

Create a new course shell for the current semester

An online instructor must enable Blackboard for their course through the myOleMiss portal. This will ensure that your current roster in SAP/myOleMiss is synced with your Blackboard course, and that students add & drop will occur automatically.

To create a new course shell, follow these steps:

  1. Login to myOleMiss at
  2. Click on the Faculty Tab.
  3. Click on Class Info, then Class Rolls and Grades.
  4. Select the semester and click Submit.
  5. Locate your online course and select Set Blackboard Options from the drop-down menu for that course (by default this menu says view class roll). Once you have chosen Set Blackboard Options, click Go.
  6. Make sure the radio button beside Enable is chosen.
  7. Optional: If you do not want to give students access to the course right away, uncheck the Make Available box. And don’t forget to return to this screen and check the box on the first day of class.
  8. Click Submit for This Section Only. Allow 5-30 minutes for process completion. The new course will appear on Blackboard under My Courses.set_Bb_options_rs

Transfer content to the new course

Your newly enabled course will be empty.  You are now ready to proceed to the next step: transferring content from another course or sandbox to the new course. In Blackboard terms, this process is called Course Copy. Blackboard has a very easy to use tool for this purpose. Follow these steps to transfer content to the new course:

  1. Enter the course you are copying.
  2. Under Control Panel, click to expand Packages and Utilities, then select Course Copy.
  3. For Select Copy Type, select Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course.
  4. For Destination Course ID, click Browse and select the new course shell you just enabled.
  5. Under Select Course Materials, click Select All.
  6. Under File Attachments, uncheck Limit package to only files linked into the selected content areas.
  7. Leave Include Enrollments in the Copy unchecked.
  8. Click Submit.


It may take somewhere from 5-15 minutes until the process is complete, or longer if it is done very close to the beginning of a semester. If you do not see the content, just sit back and wait until you receive an email confirmation. You may try refreshing the page in the meantime. Do not run another course copy process, otherwise you will have duplicates all over the course. Getting rid of them is not fun.

Check the new course to make sure everything is transferred. When copying from a previous semester course, the discussion board posts are also rolled over. Be sure to delete old posts before making the discussion boards visible to students. There have been cases when some discussion board links did not work and had to be recreated.

And that’s it. Your course is now live (if you choose to make the course available during the enable process). You will be able to see students names in the course and can send an email to them via Blackboard.

For Blackboard issues please contact Blackboard support ( or call FTDC at 662-915-7918.