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Paragon Award Nomination Acceptance Submission

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Nomination Package

  • If a nominee wishes to accept a nomination for the Paragon Award, they will need to submit the following to the award selection committee:

    1. A narrative statement addressing the award criteria and how your online course meets or exceeds the criteria, and includes your teaching philosophy;
    2. Course syllabus;
    3. Sample of student comments (please limit to no more than five comments);
    4. Additional supporting documents (ex: screen shots of your course, any course materials created by the instructor, video walk through of your online course, etc.).

    Paragon Award Criteria:

    1. Successful practices in online course design that enhance student learning and engagement;
    2. Innovative and creative use of technology and instructional methods;
    3. Dedication to providing an excellent student learning experience.

  • Submissions must be received by 11:59 p.m. on February 28th to be considered for the award.