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Physical Presence Through Recruiting & Advertising

Posted on: October 15th, 2014 by Mary Lea Moore

Part Four in a Five Part Series on State Authorization


Follow up on 5 Things to Know About State Authorization at Ole Miss, State Authorization Is Not Only For Online Programs and Physical Presence Through Instruction, Property, Employment & 3rd Party Contracts

As shown in the post State Authorization is Not Only For Online Programs, state authorization and physical presence triggers not only apply to online programs but also residential programs and the university in general. This post will look into how Ole Miss (ALL OF US) can trigger physical presence through recruiting and advertising. It is important to keep in mind that each state has a different interpretation of physical presence and each state has different state authorization regulations.

Concerning recruiting, states want to know if recruiting is organized and consistent. Are employees or agents of an institution (aka recruiters) on the ground recruiting students? What is the recruiter is only recruiting students occasionally like at job fairs? Sometimes institutions can get away with recruiters in another state, but not always…it depends.

Advertising, as with all aspects of state authorization, is a gray area. If advertising is a physical presence trigger in a state, regulators want to know is it local media viewed largely by residents of that state or is it national media that can be accessed by residents of that state. Is the marketing systematic and targeted? National advertising usually is not a trigger for many states. It is the local advertising in a state that is the bigger trigger.

If your department and program take part in any of these activities, please contact Mary Lea Moore,, 662-915-7089, for more information and to discuss how you can help the University of Mississippi be compliant.