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Online Course Syllabus

Syllabi can be overwhelming to a student. So two tricks I learned were helpful. First, giving a quiz about the syllabus increased the odds a student would read it. Second, a student does not want to keep referring to a downloadable syllabus to look up dates. Posting a master schedule within Blackboard is helpful for students to quickly refer to.

-Robin Street, Journalism & Public Relations Lecturer
2014 Paragon Award Honorable Mention

Virtual Classroom via Adobe Connect

While there are several advantages of the virtual classroom, the two that stood out from our session this semester were the growth of community and the opportunity to “bring in” a guest lecturer that we would have been unable to utilize in a traditional format.   The opportunity to “spend time” together definitely enhanced the feeling of community.  We actually saw one another and communicated in “real time” through the virtual classroom, mainly through the chat box.  We took advantage of Adobe Connect’s ability to conquer geography and invite a guest lecture from Taiwan.  While it best suited our course to “travel” internationally, one can draw on expertise in Mississippi, across the region or the country as well.   The evening was extremely rewarding.  We drew closer together as a class and had a first-hand teaching experience that would have been otherwise logistically impossible.  

-John Wade, Legal Studies Instructor

 Thank you for offering us the great opportunity to work together in virtual classroom. With the materials we provided, I believe the students should have a relatively comprehensive understanding on Taiwan police and policing. Dr. Charles Chang also made a great presentation. In addition, we had great discussions. The questions sent by students are well informed and quite CJ oriented. In general, it is a good cooperation practice from my perspective. 

-Billy Huang and Charles Chang, Taiwan’s Central Police University
Criminal Justice Guest Lecturers

Meeting with Students and Time Management

At the beginning of the semester, students and I explore the course together one-on-one or just discuss my expectations of them for the semester. While this gets time consuming, the best practice for online instruction is to put the time in up front so you’re not consistently answering the same questions over and over all semester. That significant time investment during the first two weeks of the semester frees up more time for me to work on my own research, future course development, conference travel, and other obligations academics face in any given semester.

-Victoria Bryan, Writing & Rhetoric Instructor
2013 Paragon Award Recipient on meeting students via Skype