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Test Checklist

Posted on: September 30th, 2013 by

Before making the test available for students on Blackboard, instructors must make sure they go through this checklist. Distance Education Testing Lab (DETL) requires each instructor to give their contact details for the period of test window.

Download Test Checklist or scroll down for more information.

1. Building your Online Test

  • The test description box contains all the instructions for the students
  • All questions are created as separate questions based on the Question type
  • Question is typed under ‘Question’ and not ‘Title’
  • Test is located under ‘Tests tab’ on the left in your Blackboard course

2. Setting the Test Options

  • The link is made available
  • Force Completion is unchecked
  • Time is set according to time required
  • Auto Submit is set to ON
  • Display after and display until dates and times are set correctly. Display After time must be set as 12:00 AM (Midnight) and Display Until must be 11:59 PM (End of Day)
  • Password is checked
  • Password set here is the same as the password provided to DETL and ProctorU

Test Feedback

  • Correct Answers is unchecked

Test Presentation

  • One at a Time is checked
  • Randomize Questions is checked (optional). Do not check this option if you are using a pool.

3. Test Accommodations (For Students with Disabilities)

  • For Student Disability Accommodation – an exception is created on the test for each student who requires accommodation
  • The time limit is set to Time and a Half for students who need an exception
  • See our post Set Extended Time for Students with Disabilities for detailed instructions.

4. Miscellaneous

  • You have checked the test by logging in as a Test Student
  • The test does not contain any element (image, hyperlink, etc.) that will take the students outside of Blackboard site
  • Test does not close until midnight on the closing date
  • Students have been informed via email about the testing aids/access codes, etc. that they are required to bring to the proctoring center
  • You have provided your emergency contact information to DETL for the test period
  • You have provided DETL a paper copy of your test

Note: The instructor is responsible for any make-up exams that maybe given out. DETL does not schedule or proctor them.