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The UM DETL Experience

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I often speak to students as they sign in to take an exam at the UM Distance Education Testing Lab (DETL) and frequently the topic of conversation is nerves.Students that have never taken a class online have no idea what to expect when arriving at DETL. What to expect? Let me take you on a tour through the DETL testing experience.

Distance Education Testing Lab building entrance

Distance Education Testing Lab, University of Mississippi 207 Rebel Drive, 3rd Floor Kinard Hall Wing F

Students need to arrive at least ten minutes before the scheduled test time, sign in, and wait for the proctor. In order to test in our lab, a student must have either a valid Ole Miss ID or a valid driver’s license. Approximately ten minutes before a scheduled exam, the proctor begins assigning lockers, checking student identification and escorting testers to the testing lab.


DETL Sign-in and Waiting Area

DETL Sign-in and Waiting Area

Before going to the testing carrel, cell phones must be turned off and all personal belongings must be stored in the assigned locker. These lockers have limited space, so TRAVEL LIGHT!

DETL lockers

Testers Store Belongings in Lockers Before Testing

The student then sits at a testing carrel that corresponds to their locker key, logs into Blackboard, finds the exam and waits for the proctor to put in the exam password. After completing the exam, the tester then retrieves personal belongings, leaves the testing lab and goes to the front office to return the locker key and retrieve their ID. Any testing aids that have been provided by DETL (scratch paper, pencils, and formula sheets) or notes that have been allowed by the instructor must also be left at the testing carrel. For exam security, the proctor shreds these documents after the testing appointment time.

DETL computers

DETL Features Twenty-Two Computer Stations

Important DETL Policies

  •  Food and beverages are not allowed in the testing lab.
  • Testers are not allowed to leave the testing lab until their exam has been submitted.
  • DETL is monitored by audio and video. If there is any indication of academic misconduct, the tester will be asked to immediately submit their exam and leave the testing lab. The incident (including screen shots of the incident) will then be reported to the instructor.
  • Testers are asked to be considerate of other test-takers by being as quiet as possible when leaving DETL.
  • If a tester arrives late, he/she will not be allowed to take the exam.
  • All testing aids will be provided by DETL except calculators. If you are allowed a calculator, make sure it is the instructor-approved type.
  • All scratch paper is provided and must be left at the testing carrel.

Any questions prior to the appointment can be answered by emailing or calling (662)915-1267.