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Blackboard Course Banners

Posted on: July 22nd, 2013 by Wan Latartara

Updated January 2016

The Course Banner option in Blackboard provides the instructor the opportunity to customize their course with a banner graphic on the Getting started page. The banner is displayed at the top of the Getting Started page when a person first enters the Blackboard site. The banner will not appear at the top of any other page.

The course banner must be in an image (.jpeg or .gif) format. The suggested size for a course banner is 1000 X 186 pixels. You can either choose a banner from the Course Banner gallery (see below) or create one of your own using a graphic design/image editing program such as Photoshop or Paint.

The Course Banner gallery has banners for the different schools/colleges across campus. You can choose whichever is appropriate for your course and add it to the course. The images can be used “as is” or may be modified by adding text (such as course number) in an image editing software.

Download the Banner

To download a banner, click on a thumbnail image below. The larger image will open. Right-click on the image (Control-click on a Mac) and select Save image as to save the file on your computer.

Add the Banner to your Course

  1. Click Customization > Teaching Style from the Control Panel menu of your course.
  2. Scroll to Select Banner.
  3. Click Browse for Local File to locate your banner image on your computer or disk, then click Submit to upload the Banner image to your course.

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