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eLearning Tool Review: EasyGenerator

Posted on: March 11th, 2016 by Patricia O'Sullivan

I stumbled across EasyGenerator last August when I was doing research on adaptive learning software. It is an authoring tool that can be used to create an entire course or just one learning module within a course. As its name implies, EasyGenerator is easy to use, requiring very little training to get started and to create a professional-looking product.

What I love about EasyGenerator:

  1. Learning objectives

    The software prompts users to first state a learning objective before adding any content or assessments. This approach puts pedagogy front and center rather than the design focus of many eLearning products.


    In fact, EasyGenerator is so committed to learning objectives, it has a free Learning Objective Maker that anyone can use without registering for the course-building software.

    learning objective maker

  2. User-friendly interface

    As you begin a project, the software will prompt you to add content and guide you in the next steps of production. eg1 The design process is intuitive, so you rarely need to consult the help feature. And similar to a PowerPoint slide set, you can see all of your content ordered together in one screen and edit it and rearrange it in that same screen. EasyGenerator imports PowerPoint slides, so course-building does not require a lot of copying and pasting.

  3. Variety of assessment questions

    Not only are there ten different question types, they are interactive, so students can drag, click, and touch to complete assessments. This kind of ineg2teractivity is essential for digital natives who are more likely to be learning on tablets and smart phones than on keyboard computers.

  4. Learner tracking

    The software records learner progress and performance, allowing instructors to quickly identify students at risk. The upper-tier subscriptions provide more details about learner strengths and weaknesses, giving instructors the information they need to help those learners succeed.

What I’d change about EasyGenerator:

Adaptive learning capability

When I first started using EasyGenerator, I was disappointed that the courseware did not have adaptive learning capabilities (the content adapts to a learner’s performance, guiding them to the learning goal by spending less time on their strengths and more time on their weaknesses). However, EasyGenerator has implemented a new feature called Learning Paths that does just this. It is currently in the development stage, but it promises to be a useful addition to the software.


As with similar products, there is a range of subscription prices based on use and features. A basic subscription to EasyGenerator is free, the Starter account costs $19 per month, the Plus account is $39 per month, and the Academy account is $59 account.

Example of a learning module created with the free version of EasyGenerator:

Student Attendance Verification System Tutorial for Online Instructors