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Echo360 logoEcho360 at UM

What is Echo360

Echo360 is the University of Mississippi’s newest active learning platform available to all online and traditional classrooms. The platform offers a wide range of lecture capture options as well as a set of tools to engage students and support instructors.

Echo360 Scheduled Workshops

The Division of Outreach offers workshops to faculty interested in using Echo360 in their classrooms. Workshops are designed to be completed in sequence. To obtain a license and implement Echo360 in their courses, instructors are required to complete Introductory Demonstration and Echo360 Basics workshops and attend a meeting with Academic Outreach staff.

Echo360 license and implementation workshops are offered over a specific period in a semester. 2020 schedule TBD.

Step 1: Introductory Demonstration

Introductory demonstrations will provide a basic overview of Echo360, with focus on traditional lectures and online courses. Attendees will gain a full understanding of the benefits of the platform from both student and instructor use. A brief discussion on current research on Echo360 will also be shared.

Workshop Length: 1 hour

Step 2: Echo360 Basics

Echo360 Basics workshops are intended to give instructors hands-on training for use and management of Echo360. Attendees must have completed an introductory demonstration prior. It is strongly suggested attendees bring laptops.

Workshop Length: 1.5 hours

Step 3: Implementation Meetings

Implementation Meetings with Academic Outreach staff are intended for instructors who have completed Introductory Demonstration and Echo360 Basics workshops. Instructors will be guided on how to integrate the Echo360 platform into their course. It is strongly suggested instructors bring their laptops. Additional meetings may be required.

Instructors will be contacted to arrange a meeting with designated Academic Outreach staff.

Echo360 Custom Workshops

Workshops designed how you want them, where you want them.

In addition to scheduled workshops designed for instructors interested in obtaining an Echo360 license, customized workshops may be requested. For more information or to schedule a customized workshop please contact Heather Bliss at

Custom Workshops Menu

  • Introductory Demonstration: One hour demonstration of Echo360.
  • Brief Introduction: Half hour demonstration of Echo360 capabilities; straight to the point.
  • Full Training Session: One hour. Attendees will learn how to use Echo360 and all features hands-on.
  • Advanced Training Session: Thirty-minute, fast-paced rundown of how to use Echo360. Suggested for technologically savvy users only.
  • Design Seminar: One hour. Attendees will learn tips and tricks to use Echo360 to maximize course outcomes.
  • Current Research Presentation: Either 30 or 60 minute talk on current research conducted at UM.
  • Individualized Brainstorming Workshop: Either 30 or 60 minutes. One-on-one discussion seminar for individualized course work design.