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Behind the Build

Max Hipp's Presentation

Leaner & Meaner: Streamlining Blackboard Courses for Student Success

Toolbox Talks 2019

Max Hipp
Instructor in English

Course Appeal

Kimberly Kaiser's Presentation

Building Infographics into Your Classes: A Visual Learning Tool & Critical Thinking Assignment

Toolbox Talks 2021

Dr. Kimberly Kaiser
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Legal Studies

Design Remix

Deborah Mower's Presentation

Using Zoom in Online Ethics Courses

Toolbox Talks 2021

Dr. Deborah Mower
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Spring 2019 WOW! Grant Recipient

Love It or Drop It

LaReeca Rucker's Presentation

Using Black Mirror in the Classroom: Engaging Students with Pop Culture, Immersive Learning, Social Media & Other Tech Tools

Toolbox Talks 2021

LaReeca Rucker
Instructional Assistant Professor of Journalism
Danielle Ammeter's Presentation

Communication and Creating Community

Toolbox Talks 2019

Dr. Danielle Ammeter
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs and Instructional Assistant Professor of Management

Smart Course

Joe Sumrall's Presentation

The Voki Assignment: Using Animation to Enhance Reflection in the Classroom

Toolbox Talks 2021

Dr. William Joseph Sumrall
Professor of Elementary Education
Summer 2019 WOW! Grant Recipient
Marc Watkins' Presentation

Using Flipgrid to Visualize and Create Dynamic Discussions in Online Courses

Toolbox Talks 2019

Marc Watkins
Instructor in Composition & Rhetoric
2018 WOW! Grant Recipient and 2018 Blackboard Catalyst Award Recipient

Paragon Award for Excellenct in Distance Teaching

Katerina Berezina's Presentation

Dr. Katerina Berezina: 2020 Paragon Award Recipient

Assistant Professor of Nutrition & Hospitality Management

Toolbox Talks 2021

Jason Solinger

Dr. Jason Solinger: 2018 Paragon Award Recipient

Associate Professor of English

Toolbox Talks 2019

Sheena Boran

Sheena Boran: 2018 Paragon Award Recipient

Instructor in Composition & Rhetoric

Toolbox Talks 2019