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eLearning Training Course – Full Experience

The eLearning Training Course (eTC) Full Experience is a six-week course designed for instructors who are new to online teaching as well as existing online instructors. Get the experience of an online student! Meet your peers, interact and collaborate on trends and practices of online instruction.

At the end of the eTC Full Experience, participants will have completed their online course syllabus, designed and developed content, assessment, and student communication and interaction components in their assigned Blackboard sandbox. Additionally, scheduled group and individual support sessions with the eLearning Instructional Design Team are available throughout each cohort.

To register for the eTC Full Experience, go to Event & Workshop Registration and click on “Sign up” next to an available cohort. The following eTC cohorts are available for instructors:

Final Cohort: October 22 – December 2, 2019

Beginning November 4, the eLearning Endorsement Program (eEP), the new online teaching endorsement program, opens for registration year round.

Contact April Thompson at for more information or go to Event & Workshop Registration to enroll in a workshop.