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WOW! – Wow the Online World Grant

Summer 2020 WOW! Grant postponed.

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The Division of Outreach and Continuing Education and the Office of Academic Outreach are pleased to offer the Wow the Online World! Grant.  The WOW! Grant is intended to allow the instructor of an online course the time and resources to integrate new or advanced techniques or technologies into their existing online course and to help create an online course that is more cutting edge, resulting in an exceptional online experience for learners.  Examples of how the WOW! Grant can be used are adding new technology such as interactivity, animations, advanced video, or any number of instructional elements, or integrating a new teaching technique into a course.


All online faculty are eligible for the grant.  At the time of application, the online course being modified for this grant must have been taught at least twice in the online format by the applicant.

Application Requirements

Applicants must complete the online application and attach the following documents:

  1. A detailed narrative answering each question below with as much information as possible and provide researched examples, plan specifics, etc.:
    • What is your proposed plan of action for modifications to your course?
      • Modifications could include, but are not limited to, incorporating new technology, implementing new teaching techniques, creating engaging content, etc.
    • Describe barriers in your current course, and how your proposed modifications will help you overcome these obstacles.
    • What are your intended learning outcomes, and how do you intend to measure them?
    • Based on your proposed plan of action, what partnerships or resources would you need to accomplish your modifications?
      • Partnerships could include, but are not limited to, time with the Instructional Design team or Accessibility Specialists; resources could include, but are not limited to, software, technologies, etc.
  1. A letter of support and approval from your department chair.
  2. A letter of support and approval from your academic dean.

Terms of Award

  • Grant amount is equal to the pay for teaching one Summer School course. Development, implementation and/or integration of course modification should occur during the academic term the grant is received (fall, spring or full summer).
  • Additional funds may be provided by Academic Outreach (in the form of reimbursement) for purchase or implementation of technology or subscriptions needed in approved applications.
  • A WOW! Grant project deliverable will be provided within a year of receiving the grant:
    • Fall Grant – deliverable due by the end of the following Full Summer term
    • Spring Grant – deliverable due by the end of the following Fall term
    • Full Summer Grant – deliverable due by the end of the following Spring term
      • Deliverables may include, but are not limited to, an academic blog article, article in an educational journal, conference presentation or poster sessions, CETL events, etc.
  • Grant recipients may be asked to participate in a faculty presentation/round-table event hosted by Academic Outreach.
  • Grant recipients, and their academic departments, agree to teach the modified course within a minimum of one year from the grant modification period.
  • Grant recipients may be asked to serve on future grant selection committees.
  • Upon fulfillment of the Terms of Award, the grant recipient is automatically nominated for the Paragon Award for Excellence in Distance Teaching. An award narrative will be required if the grant recipient wishes to accept the award nomination.
  • Non-fulfillment of award terms will result in ineligibility in future Academic Outreach grant opportunities until terms of award have been fulfilled.

Application Information

For Summer 2020 Grant Work:


  • Application Window: February 4 until 11:59 pm March 22
  • Application Review: March 23 until 11:59 pm April 5
  • Recipient Named: Week of April 6

For Fall 2020 Grant Work:

  • Application Window: April 22 until 11:59 pm May 31
  • Application Review: June 1 until 11:59 pm June 14
  • Recipient Named: Week of June 15

For Spring 2021 Grant Work:

  • Application Window: September 8 until 11:59 pm October 18
  • Application Review: October 19 until 11:59 pm November 1
  • Recipient Named: Week of November 2

Declining/Return of an Award

Please inform the Office of Academic Outreach if you decide to decline or return the award.

Failure to communicate with Academic Outreach the declining or returning of a WOW! Grant will result in ineligibility in future Academic Outreach grant opportunities.

For questions and concerns about the WOW! Grant, contact Mary Lea Moore,, 662-915-7089.

Photo Credit: WoW! by Laurie Chipps | CC BY-ND 2.0