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The WOW! Grant Application

Applicant Information


Application Documents

  • Attach a narrative answering the following questions in greater detail. Provide ask much information as you feel necessary to fully illustrate your plan to the selection committee.
    1. What is your proposed plan of action for modifications to your course? Modifications could include, but are not limited to, incorporating new technology, implementing new teaching techniques, creating engaging content, etc.
    2. Describe barriers in your current course, and how your proposed modifications will help you overcome these obstacles.
    3. What are your intended learning outcomes, and how do you intend to measure them?
    4. Based on your proposed plan of action, what partnerships or resources would you need to accomplish your modifications? Partnerships could include, but are not limited to, time with the Instructional Design team or Accessibility Specialists; resources could include, but are not limited to, software, technologies, etc.