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Victoria Bryan (Writing & Rhetoric)

Victoria Bryan

Victoria Bryan

The 2013 Paragon Award for Excellence in Distance Teaching was awarded to Victoria M. Bryan for her Advanced Composition (WRIT 250) course through The Center for Writing and Rhetoric.

Victoria received her B.A. (2007) and M.A. (2009) in English Literature from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and anticipates the completion of her Ph.D. in American Literature May 2015.

Bryan says she enjoys “the flexibility that online and distance learning offers the traditional and nontraditional college student. Students work, have families, own businesses, and engage in myriad other obligations outside of their academic responsibilities. As technology has changed and advanced our world, it’s also changed and advanced educational opportunities.” Another advantage Bryan sees of online education is that “the University of Mississippi can serve students who would not have been able to carve out time for an undergraduate degree 10 years ago.” Read the full story.