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Dr. Debora Wenger (Journalism)

Deb Wenger

Deb Wenger

The 2014 Paragon Award for Excellence in Distance Teaching was awarded to Deb Wenger, Associate Professor of Journalism for her JOUR 102 – Introduction to Multimedia Writing online course. The course is a key component of a journalism minor.

Wenger’s course is designed so each assignment builds on another, and she gives them guidance and feedback throughout the process.  She also requires the students to produce stories that will be submitted for possible publication to media outlets, which motivates and challenges the students to constantly improve.  As a result she has an extraordinarily high level of interaction with her students. She is also an innovator in integrating a wide variety of web 2.0 technology into her courses, encouraging her students to become well versed in the technology and skills needed to become a great multimedia journalist and that influence goes beyond the boundaries of the Ole Miss campus. Read the full story.