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Jane Meek (Writing & Rhetoric)

Jane Meek

Jane Meek

The 2015 Paragon Award for Excellence in Distance Teaching was awarded to Jane Meek, Instructor in the Department of Writing and Rhetoric for her WRIT 102 – First Year Writing II online course.

Meek’s online course is the second part of the required freshmen-level writing course that serves as an important building block for Ole Miss students. The course is designed to prepare students for the various writing tasks they will need throughout college.  Meek demonstrated her commitment to providing quality education in her online course by requiring that each student attend a one-on-one video conference to discuss their writing assignments. Several students liked working with her in this way and requested more than one feedback session.

In 2013, Meek received the Kramer Outstanding Teacher Award, presented annually within the Department of Writing and Rhetoric for her teaching. Read the full story.