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Quick Links: Course Building Tutorials and Guides

Posted on: September 11th, 2018 by Wan Latartara

Understand Blackboard

Blackboard Comprehensive Step -by-Step Instructions (PDF)

Global Navigation (Video)

Inside your BB Course (Video)

Course Menu (Video)

Understanding Edit Mode (Video)

Control Panel (Video)

Set Course Entry Point (Video)

Organize Your Course

Learning Modules (Video)

Learning Modules: Best Practices of Planning and Design (Video)

Work with Content

Build Content (Video)

Editing Content (Video)

Upload Content in Blackboard

Add YouTube Video to BB using Mashup (Silent Video)

Embed video in BB using YouTube embed code (Video)

Communicate with Students

Use discussion forum (PDF)

Use blogs and journals (PDF)

Assess Students

Build/Create a test (Video)

Create Extended Time in Blackboard (Video and PDF)

Work with assignment (PDF)