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Animations and Videos in Legal Studies

Dr. Robert Mongue in Legal Studies produced a total of 15 animations and videos for his Law of Business Organizations online course.

First, it was clear there were certain concepts central to the understanding of the Law of Business Organizations that are particularly difficult to cover in the online version of the course. They are somewhat complex and, to be fair, dry. Simply reading about them and/or simply watching a video of a talking head expound on them was not enough to maintain the interest of most students.

Second, it is very difficult in an online course to convey to students how the law they learn is applied in the context of the law office and service to particular clients.

The WOW! Grant allowed me to move these projects forward. The result is a series of eight videos and seven animations. The videos show the interaction of an attorney, a paralegal, and client, from the client’s first interview through several types of business entities corresponding to changing client needs to the final  business entity chosen for this client. The animations explain concepts such as agency, liability and its limits, and stock valuation.

-Robert Mongue
Legal Studies
2015 WOW! Grant Recipient