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Academic Outreach

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Technology Acquisitions for Outreach Funded Faculty

The Division of Outreach and the Office of Academic Outreach is a resource to provide computers for Outreach funded faculty who teach 100% of their course-teaching load online. Recipients will receive systems similar to the configurations listed on the TACIT Computer Systems page.


  • Faculty teaching full-time online only.
  • If replacing a computer previously provided by the Division of Outreach and the Office of Academic Outreach, the computer must have been purchased a minimum of 5 years ago.
  • Submit a Technology Acquisition Request Form.

Terms of Acquisition:

  • The Division of Outreach and Academic Outreach will provide a computer to 100% online only faculty at a minimum of every 5 years.
  • If a computer purchase request is approved, Outreach IT will order the computer (including Microsoft Office full version, Symantec antivirus, Adobe Acrobat Professional and multiple web browsers), and mail the computer to the faculty member if unable to pick-up on the Oxford campus.
    • Faculty should keep the original packing box and materials for when the computer must be returned to Academic Outreach. If materials are discarded, faculty are responsible for packing costs.
  • The computer will be transferred to the property inventory of the home academic department for the duration of use.
  • At the time of faculty separation, or the replacement of a computer, the faculty member is required to return the computer to Academic Outreach. A pre-paid FedEx shipping label and instructions will be provided.

For questions or additional information, contact Mary Lea Moore,, 662-915-7089.